Volunteer Fire Company No. 1, Inc.


Amogerone Volunteer Fire Company   is the oldest fire company in Greenwich, CT., founded in 1876.       Our members operate Squad One, the only truck capable of carrying clean breathing air to an emergency scene.  Squad One must respond to ALL emergencies where an IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health) environment exists.  The Amogerone company is based in the “Central District” of Greenwich.

The Greenwich Fire Department is a combination fire department that consists of career and volunteer fire fighters who work together to preserve life and protect property within the Town of Greenwich. 

GFD responds to over 4,200 emergency calls per year, ranging from minor fire alarm activations to structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, and hazardous materials incidents. Equipment consists of 14 Engines, three Ladders, and a Heavy Rescue, 2 Tankers, 5 Squads, 3 Patrols and a Special Operations Command Unit. The Fire Department operates this equipment out of eight fire houses within Greenwich (and Banksville, New York) with the help of over 100  career fire fighters, and approximately 100 dedicated volunteers. 

                                                  "The only good fire is the fire that has been prevented."

We need to breathe...

Amogerone Volunteer Fire Company No.1 Inc.

     Central Fire Station,   P.O. Box 121,   Greenwich, CT  06836-0121